Messy Grace

March 3, 2019
Pastor Drew examines Judges 3:12–31, teaching us that God meets His people in the messiness of their sin and delivers them by His immeasurable grace.

Remember Your God

February 24, 2019
Pastor Drew examines Judges 3:7–11, teaching us that Israel serves as a warning to us to not forget the Lord, but rather to trust our only Deliverer, Jesus Christ.
Pastor Drew examines Judges 2:6–3:6, teaching us that God continues to show His perfect faithfulness even as His old covenant people are increasingly disobedient, pointing forward to the future hope…
Pastor Brian examines 1 Timothy 1:12–20, teaching us that Paul's conversion serves to show that God saves people, even the worst, solely through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Brian examines 1 Timothy 1:3–11, teaching us that Christians must avoid myths and speculations because they distort the gospel of Jesus Christ and fail to produce love in us.