Pastor Drew examines Judges 4:1–24, teaching us that God saves His sinful people in ways that regularly surprise both God's enemies and God's people.

Messy Grace

March 3, 2019
Pastor Drew examines Judges 3:12–31, teaching us that God meets His people in the messiness of their sin and delivers them by His immeasurable grace.

Remember Your God

February 24, 2019
Pastor Drew examines Judges 3:7–11, teaching us that Israel serves as a warning to us to not forget the Lord, but rather to trust our only Deliverer, Jesus Christ.
Pastor Drew examines Judges 2:6–3:6, teaching us that God continues to show His perfect faithfulness even as His old covenant people are increasingly disobedient, pointing forward to the future hope…

Sing with Hope

December 30, 2018
Pastor Drew examines Luke 2:21–38, teaching us that we should sing with hope because God has kept His promises in Christ.
Pastor Drew examines the second song of advent in Luke 1:68–79, teaching us that we should sing praise to Jesus, not because our expectations are met or our circumstances are…