Families & Children

Holy City Church’s desire is for families to worship together because the preaching of God’s Word is for the entire household (Ephesians 5:22–6:4). Our God loves children and wants them to come to Him unhindered (Matthew 19:14). Children of all ages are welcome and expected in our corporate worship gathering because we want them to hear and believe the gospel!

If children become too loud and/or a distraction to others in the service, Holy City offers parents & guardians a live televised feed of the service to both our lobby and our fellowship hall. Both rooms provide parents an opportunity to train their children to sit under the preached Word without the fear or stress of being a disruption in the service.

For nursing mothers, we provide a live televised feed of the service to our private nursing mother’s room, which also has several nursery gliders and a pack-n-play.